Repacking Your Bags, Lighten Your Load for the Rest of Your Life, Richard Leider, David Shapiro your life, your bags, good life, right work, your load, we call, lighten your

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Repacking Your Bags

Lighten Your Load for the Rest of Your Life

Richard Leider, David Shapiro

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your life
your bags
good life
right work
your load
we call
lighten your
lighten your load
repacking your
repacking your bags
nutritious people
you need
you want
doing right
doing right work
we're carrying
find your
your smile
life purpose
meaningful relationships
place world
find yourself
load rest
rest your
your load rest
load rest your
rest your life
career development
Richard Leider
David Shapiro
Beverly Kaye
Peter Senge
Repacking Your Bags
Lighten Your Load for the Rest of Your Life
Career Development
Spitituality in Work
Living Your Dreams
Redefining Your Retirement
Creating Resumes
Online Job Searches
Job Interviews
A Balanced Life
Continuous Learning
Mid-Career Expectations
Salary Negotiations
Dressing for Success
Career Planning
Changing Careers
Career Counselors
Richard Leider
David Shapiro
Beverly Kaye
Peter Senge

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Following are the titles and brief quotes from the Concept Extracts that make up this Concept Book Summary.
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Find Your Smile

"When was the last time you had a real good belly laugh?"

Redefine The Good Life

"To put it simply, the formula for the good life is: Living in the Place you belong, with the People you Love, doing the Right Work, on Purpose."

Decide What's Important in Your Life

"Ultimately, it comes down to a series of trade-offs. What are you willing to trade in one area of your life to get what you want in another?"

Lighten Your Load

"The more we do, the more responsibilities we have, the heavier our loads tend to be and the more important it is that we ask ourselves why we're carrying what we're carrying."

Do the Right Work

"Knowledge of what we call doing the right work, together with a strong sense of talents and purpose in life, is an essential part of answering the question, ' What do I want to be when I grow up?'"

Discover Your Life's Purpose

"We're inspired by stories of people who seem to have the "perfect job"?whose talents, passions, and values are in alignment and who regularly feel a powerful sense of personal fulfillment. We call this "lifestyle of the rich in purpose." "

Develop More Meaningful Relationships

"How many of our friends are what we call 'nutritious people'? Nutritious people are the people in our lives who genuinely 'feed' our souls."

Find Your Place in the World

"The quest for the good life is a product of daily schedules and nightly dreams but in order to really live it, you need to find a place beyond schedules and outside of dreams, a place where time stands still and you can stand still within it."

Achieve Balance in Your Life

"If you know where you want to spend your time on work, love, place, or purpose and can allocate it accordingly, you won't feel so trapped. You'll feel less weighted down by the demands of your schedule and more in control of where you are headed."

Get Lost to Find Yourself

"You don't just radically change your life one day and pick things up right where you left off the next. You need to give yourself time to get used to the changes, to adapt, to get comfortable with what's new and different."


This Book Summary contains Concept Extracts from:

Repacking Your Bags
Richard Leider
David Shapiro

Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Copyright ? 1995, 1996 by Richard J. Leider and David A. Shapiro.

Biography: Richard J. Leider is an expert on career and lifestyle strategies for individuals and organizations. His previous books include The Inventurers, The Power of Purpose, and Life Skills. He is founder and partner of The Inventurer Group, a training consulting firm in Minneapolis.

David A. Shapiro is a freelance writer specializing in progressive business and personal development programs. He has also written numerous interactive multimedia programs to help people with their ongoing life and career development.

Key Phrases in this title:
your life, your bags, good life, right work, your load, we call, lighten your, lighten your load, repacking your, repacking your bags, nutritious people, you need, you want, doing right, doing right work, we're carrying, find your, your smile, life purpose, meaningful relationships, place world, find yourself, load rest, rest your, your load rest, load rest your, rest your life, career development, Richard Leider, David Shapiro, Beverly Kaye, Peter Senge

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Working Relationships The Simple Truth About Getting Along with Friends and Foes at Work | Bob Wall|1999
Your Signature Path Gaining New Perspectives on Life and Work | Geoffrey Bellman|1996

Career Development
Book Extract Suites
Each Suite contains extracts from 3 to 10 books focused on a single business concept

  • Create the Life You Want
    • Know Yourself Ronald Krannich, Helen Harkness, Robin Sheerer, Nathaniel Branden, Geoffrey Bellman, Shirley Porter, Keith Porter, Kenneth Ruge, Christine Bennett
    • Live the Life of Your Dreams Julie Adair King, Betsy Sheldon, Kate Wendleton, Jennifer White, Robin Sheerer, Bob Rotella, Geoffrey Bellman, Jeffrey Mayer, Kenneth Ruge
    • Make a Life Plan Kathy Marshack, Peggy Simonsen, Helen Harkness, David Helfand, Robin Sheerer, Ken Lizotte, Barbara Litwak, Geoffrey Bellman, Jeffrey Mayer, Kenneth Ruge
    • Control Your Own Career Cliff Hakim, Peggy Simonsen, Ronald Krannich, David Helfand, Helen Harkness, Robin Sheerer, Richard Koonce
    • Have the Courage to Change Helen Harkness, David Helfand, Helen Harkness, Carol Orsborn, William Knaus, Robert Quinn, Geoffrey Bellman, Richard Koonce, Kenneth Ruge
    • Balance Work and Family Marshall Goldsmith, Alice Bredin, Ken Lizotte, Barbara Litwak, Mel Sandler, Muriel Gray, Carole Kanchier, Richard Beckhard, Frances Hesselbein
    • Take Control of Your Time Alice Bredin, Jennifer White, Jean Kummerow, Nancy Barger, Linda Kirby, Ken Lizotte, Barbara Litwak, William Knaus, Jeffrey Mayer
  • Find the Right Employment
    • Change Careers Damian Birkel, Peggy Simonsen, David Helfand, Helen Harkness, Carole Kanchier
  • Understand the New Workplace
    • Deal with the New Reality Kate Wendleton, Peggy Simonsen, Helen Harkness, Claire Raines, Bob Filipczak, Ron Zemke, William Halal, Edgar Schein
  • Increase Your Employability
    • Maintain an Upbeat Attitude Carl Peterson, Gerard Hargreaves, Robin Sheerer, Arthur Caliandro, William Knaus, Nathaniel Branden, Richard Koonce, Carole Kanchier
  • Make an Alternate Career Plan
  • Find a New Job
    • Maintain Your Network Catalyst, Kate Wendleton, Damian Birkel, Ronald Krannich, David Helfand, Richard Koonce, Rebecca Smith, Jeffrey Mayer
    • Shine at Interviews Julie Adair King, Betsy Sheldon, Ann Marie Sabath, Kate Wendleton, Christopher Hunt, Scott Scanlon, Ronald Krannich, DeAnne Rosenberg, Paul Green, Richard Koonce, Mary Mitchell
    • Negotiate Like a Pro Julie Adair King, Betsy Sheldon, Kate Wendleton, Christopher Hunt, Scott Scanlon, Ronald Krannich, Lee Miller, Jeff Wuorio, Michael O'Malley
  • Thrive in the Workplace
    • Find a Mentor and a Coach Chip Bell, James Doyle, Peggy Simonsen, Carolyn Duff, Frederic Hudson, Dennis Kinlaw, Patricia Fritts, Mel Sandler, Muriel Gray, Timothy Galpin
    • Thrive as You Grow Older Helen Harkness, Duane Brown, Linda Brooks, Claire Raines, Bob Filipczak, Bob Rotella, Ron Zemke, Beverly Goldberg
  • Deal with Problems in the Workplace
  • Explore a Specific Career
  • See additional works by: Richard Leider, David Shapiro,

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